A lot of assets have been surging in 2020, and gold is right there along for the climb. The sentiment around gold has been positive this year and now the precious metal asset has hit its highest levels since 2011. Gold is now up around 19% this year and experts are predicting it could go over the $1900 mark and make all-time highs.

Bitcoin has been hovering around the $9100 level for the last few weeks but has just made a sharp uptick to $9,500 and still outperforming gold, silver, and platinum in 2020.

According to the June 2020 edition of the “Bloomberg Crypto Outlook,” Bitcoin should be in store for some big gains as well.

Over the years, bitcoin has been compared to gold or referred to as “digital gold” by many folks inside and outside of the blockchain industry. Now as we continue to see a wider agreement that Bitcoin could be a useful store of value, the value of BTC could climb simultaneously with gold.

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