Needless to say, investors have been closely monitoring Bitcoin (BTC)’s bullish behavior on the market after the digital asset surprised the cryptocurrency community by pulling itself out of a long-time slump last month. On the Luxembourg-based Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp, BTC’s market value hit $12,470 per coin, surging by almost 4%, much to the delight of crypto enthusiasts,. Shortly after the digital asset’s bull run, its price descended slowly again, falling back to a more stable level.

The latest Bitcoin rally was observed after American celebrity and avid trader David ‘Davey Day Trader’ Portnoy came forward and publicly invited the Winklevoss twins to teach him about Bitcoin. The Barstool Sports founder admitted that he had absolutely “no idea what he was doing” when it came to Bitcoin, saying that he had a digital wallet somewhere but that he had lost the keys. 

Since then, Bitcoin has rallied and gained over 30% in the last month, according to Forbes. Data findings released by TradingView analysts also indicatethat Bitcoin was reportedly the most viewed financial asset in the US last month, trailing behind Tesla stocks.  

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