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Asian Crypto Investors still have the Market in their Hands

It’s no secret that in Asians are very dominant in the crypto market. The Asian crypto market has contributed a lot to the overall market. It’s been the core for many crypto activities and continues to top global charts.

Asians have controlled the crypto market for quite some time now and that isn’t much of a surprise, mostly because of the millions of investors found there as well as a large number of the major crypto exchanges being situated there.

For starters, Asian crypto investors now hold 72% of all crypto trading volume around the globe, climbing from 58.1% last year, whiles the trading volumes of the U.S at the same time fell to 12.7% from 30.2%.

Additional studies have also revealed that Asian crypto traders again make up more than 75% of all altcoins transactions across the world. The Asian dominance was thought to be fading but the numbers suggest otherwise.

Positive and favorable regulations also account for this dominance, as Both Japan and South Korea have taken that stance, allowing the industry to thrive like never before.

With these huge impressive numbers backing their industry and series of crypto-related events and innovations unfolding, the Asian market isn’t looking to pass on the baton anytime sooner

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