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Banks Will Start Trading Crypto Sooner Than You Think – Former JP Morgan Executive

The Words of cryptocurrency being implemented by banks such as J.P Morgan has come out from the horse’s mouth. The former head of J.P Morgan’s Blockchain operation has stated that banks like J.P Morgan could get into utilizing cryptocurrency very soon.

Quorum, developed by J.P Morgan is an enterprise-ready distributed ledger and smart contract platform which is useful for the financial industry which needs high speed and high processing power.

Amber Baldet, who is the Former head of J.P Morgan’s Blockchain department, has confirmed that cryptocurrency is right around the corner for J.P Morgan.

“I think it’s coming sooner than people probably think,” told Amber Baldet to CNBC, a Former head of J.P. Morgan’s Blockchain department.

J.P Morgan has hired a 29-year-old to head the crypto assets strategy which portrays its seriousness in the cryptocurrency space.

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