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Cryptocurrency Is Gradually Dominating with eSports

It is an unarguable fact that the impact of digital currencies will be highly extensive. This is made evident as the adaptation of virtual currency is stretching through different sectors.

Recent development shows that Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining grounds in eSport as Fijian e-Gaming Tournament Group, a Chinese e-gaming company is collaborating with Asura Coin to advance it’s King of Glory competition. Although little is known about Asura coin, this new partnership will help dish out more information to the public.

The report also unveiled the Company’s plan to launch five new ESport centres across China and further said it would combine RMB and other cryptocurrencies as payments for gamers in its upcoming reward based platform.

China is well known for its consistency in building some of the most famous and successful teams worldwide and this new step stands as an important pillar because the King of Glory tournament is becoming widely known as the gaming firm has fixed multiple tournaments expected to hold in the City and the provinces for the highly anticipated game.

Cryptocurrency is swiftly spreading out into eSports, quite a number of electronic sport firms have been implementing virtual coins.

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