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Fidelity’s Crypto Project Set to open the floodgates for Institutional Investors

The cryptocurrency community has long wondered when the highly sought after “institutional money” would enter the space. With Fidelity preparing to launch a platform for cryptocurrency investing, major institutions may finally start their bitcoin stampede.

Tom Jessop, the head of corporate business at Fidelity is excited about the prospect of what digital asset investing could bring to Fidelity’s customers and the rest of the economy and sees now as the perfect time for major institutions to enter the crypto scene.

Many experts have long predicted the wave of institutional investors would be near and that it would trigger a potential bull run of hundreds of billions of dollars entering the cryptocurrency markets. The public excitement it is sure to be taken up a notch as well and a FOMO spiked bull run could be the result.

Most importantly, an institution such as Fidelity making a move to the cryptocurrency sector brings a heightened sense of legitimacy and can act as a catalyst for building trust and reliability to the space.

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