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Korea Electronic Certification Kicks Off "Bit Coupon" Service Based On Blockchain

On Monday, 23 April 2018, South Korea's Electronic Certification announced that it will launch its Bit Coupon (Bit Coupon) service based on the technology of blockchain next month in Seoul.

The bit coupon service is a coupon issued by a small merchant's franchise store, and is designed so that students who frequent the store can receive discounts, coupons and stamps. The Korean e-certification company said that it hopes to promote the shops and products of the small-scale enterprises near Seoul National University, so as to boost the commercial area and increase sales.

The bit coupon was developed as a blockchain technology research and development demonstration project of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information.

"We are hoping that students will be able to use the blockchain technology in real life and make practical coupons available through exchanges between Seoul University students and local merchants," said Shin Jae-yong, president of the SNU Student Union.

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