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Long-term outlook on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is bright

EVERYTHING and anything that has value will eventually be tokenised. I believe that what HTML has done for content, blockchain will do for value and all its related transactions. This is the evolution of the Internet to "Internet 3.0". It is inevitable, and in my opinion, unstoppable.

Today, the token economy of the blockchain, represented by its various cryptocurrencies, is worth more than US$400 billion. The future has already arrived. Its speed of adoption is catching many of us and governments by surprise.

But today, the blockchain and its cryptocurrencies, while in their infancy, are real and will become as disruptive as how fast and furious it has come to life. The amount of investments, funding, talent and number of startups, corporations and educational research and development involved in this field at a rate not quite seen before is proof enough that it is here to stay and grow.

The future will be a world of multi-tokens representing digital value on the public blockchain. As the world shifts to a digital token economy, this asset class will naturally rise in usage and value as a whole. I foresee that we will head from a fiat currency to multi-token currency economy, facilitated by token-to-token exchanges in the not-so-distant future. It is the inevitable path to a digital economy.

To sum up, we believe all value will be eventually tokenised and decentralised on the public blockchain network. The lower costs and ability to transact safely at much higher speeds over a public network will be a primary driver of its value proposition and eventual global adoption.

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