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Ripple Announces plans to “push xRapid adoption”, XRP expected to surge

Ripple (XRP) the world’s third largest cryptocurrency seems to be returning to its 100% price surge that it experienced earlier this year as signs suggest the company may be getting wider adoption following announcement of strategies to push adoption for its foremost product xRapid.

The move to boost xRapid was announced in a a brochure containing information on xRathe product as a strategy to improve its adoption.

Also as part of efforts to improve adoption for the product, Ripple has announced its decision to partner with Viamericas, the largest company in the U.S that provides cross border payment services to 34 countries with many local banks in those countries.

XRP has had quite a good time in the market with some sudden surges in the past. The asset may be seeing another surge in demand as a result of more use cases for the digital asset.

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