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Samsung SDS launches digital finance business as AI + block chain financial platform

Samsung SDS's digital financial platform developed by Samsung Group's IT service provider is a virtual reality. Samsung SDS, unearths new growth businesses with intelligent services that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and block-chain technology is eyeing the financial sector.

Samsung SDS will provide services such as digital identity, financial concierge, AI virtual assistant, automatic insurance claim, etc. through the experience of digital innovation of financial affiliates through Nex Finance.

Nex Finance is a platform that brings together the next generation technologies of Samsung SDS including Nex leisure. Based on the block chain, it is possible to securely deliver user financial information by non-discrimination, or utilize artificial intelligence and big data analysis to easily diagnose and consult financial assets and recommend new products. In addition, it enables automated and fast and convenient service of financial institution through artificial intelligence virtual assistant, not human.

Samsung SDS has introduced Nex Finance as an open platform to easily apply new IT technologies and various external solutions, enabling financial institutions to actively and flexibly respond to the rapidly changing financial IT environment. The company also emphasized that it provides the highest level of security by applying forbidden forgery prevention and joint authentication technology based on the block chain technology.

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