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Second-Largest Korean Political Party to Implement Blockchain for Member Processes

The party intends to enter a new era of open digital democracy by implementing blockchain technology, according to their press release. The initiative aims to make information more transparent and build “a new system in which citizens and members of the party can participate in a revolutionary way.”

Blockchain technology will be implemented into four major areas. One use will be to record the meeting results of the central and local parties’ assembles, with a second use to record and evaluate the key performance indicators of members' activities. The release also mentions the possibility of providing tokens to members, but does not elaborate how a token-system would be implemented or its purpose.

The third area to be used with blockchain tech is the voting process for elections in the party, which will involve an online, blockchain-based system that will allow for anonymity, transparency, and security, the announcement notes. Blockchain will also be used for a petition system, thus preventing the manipulation of comments submitted by party members.

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