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South Korea's Tech Giant Jooyon Launches 'Dual Crypto PC' Simultaneously Allowing CPU and GPU Mining

Jooyon Tech recently announced the launch of the dual home 'Crypto PC' that is capable of allowing CPU and GPU mining to operate concurrently.

On the 18th of January, the company has released 'Crypto PC'. These Crypto PCs can handle complex operations based on block chains and have been optimized for cryptocurrency mining. Six GPU-based graphics cards have also been applied in parallel to improve cooling efficiency and efficiency. In the near future, the company will also release RX570 3way (3 graphics cards) models.

The main reason for the introduction of the key technology in the cryptocurrency mining market was the request of domestic enterprises, research institutes and overseas buyers.

"We did not consider the mining PC until the second half of last year, but the customers' inquiries continued," said a representative from Joonyeong Tech.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is emerging among the block chain technologies, and for the time being, the main use of Crypto PCs will be mining. In fact, when Jooyon Tech first introduced the Crypto PC, it emphasized the 'block chain' part of the product description.

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