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Startup Aims to Bring Blockchain To 200,000 Developers And 1 Billion Gadgets

A Singapore-based company Egretia is aiming to combine HTML5 - a technology to structure and present content online - with blockchain to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. The new technology could increase blockchain apps popularity, Egretia team believes.

Using the power of mobile social networking, HTML5 content has been applied in mobile apps and created entirely new business models. According to Egretia, click-and-play, viral transmission, user engagement, and other characteristics of an HTML5 game make it a perfect fit for current market demands.

In 2017, the market size of HTML5 games in China exclusively exceeded 10 bln yuan - more than $157 mln - and continues to grow. Peter Huang, Egretia’s founder, believes that by combining blockchain technology with HTML5, developers will be able to rapidly come up with new blockchain applications.

Egret Technology, the startup’s strategic partner in China, has been focusing on developing HTML5 powered solutions for over the past four years. The company has already developed 14 products, such as the engine, a visual editor, animation tools, and cross-platform packaging tools. All tools can be used across different platforms and support both Windows and Mac devices.

The startup already has a huge community worldwide, the founders say. Egret Technology has been focusing on HTML5 for more than four years and currently has 200,000 developers across the globe. The content powered by Egret’s solutions is used on 1 bln mobile devices so the startup has a lot to add to the existing global blockchain ecosystem.

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