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As Gold Hits Highest Level Since 2011, Is Bitcoin On Course To Follow Suit?
A lot of assets have been surging in 2020, and gold is right there along for the climb. The sentiment
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Most Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin
Many are wary of Bitcoin because it’s new and foreign. On top of that, the cryptocurrency world seems to be
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Bitcoin For Beginners: A Bitcoin Tutorial
If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook or browsing the internet, you would have probably seen “Bitcoin” hitting the headlines more
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Bitcoin’s Halving Incentivizes Miners to Sell for Double, Decred Co-Founder Says
Bitcoin’s price could double in the coming days Yocom-Piatt sees higher prices for Bitcoin. “In the short term, I expect
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Gold Ownership Has Been Difficult, Until the Days of Crypto
The days of waiting in line to buy or sell gold may soon be over. While Bitcoin (BTC) has been
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Buy Bitcoin to Escape Fiat ‘Debasement’ Says New Grayscale Report
Bitcoin (BTC) is now investors’ best bet against central bank money printing, a new report from asset manager Grayscale concludes.
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Coinbase’s retail payment portal passed 200 million in transactions
Coinbase Commerce, a platform that supports cryptocurrency payments for internet retailers, just passed $200 million in total transactions processed over
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Over 700,000 Bitcoin Wallets Are Now Holding At Least 1 BTC
The number of addresses with a minimum of 1 BTC has been increasing since 2009 with very little downside. One
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Dutch govt to embrace blockchain in fight against-pandemic
A consortium of Dutch companies has launched the “Tech against Corona” initiative. Participating firms will freely provide the Dutch government
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