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Dash is evolving into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency
Payments-focused cryptocurrency Dash is starting to release insights into its new platform, which enables data to be stored within the network
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You can now send email right from your Ethereum address
Unstoppable Domains has introduced a new feature — Unstoppable email. Now anyone who owns a domain with a .crypto extension can send
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Major Asian bank issues credit on SCB-backed blockchain
The Asian Development Bank (ADB), headquartered in the Philippines, has settled its first letter of credit (LC) transaction using the
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A Gov official in South Korea proposed the nation’s first blockchain voting platform
On September 11, the head of the Seocho regional government proposed a blockchain-powered voting platform for residents, and praised the
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US legislators approve bills for study of blockchain in commerce
The Committee on Energy and Commerce has just approved two pieces of legislation to spur more in-depth analysis of blockchain
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South Korean government agency to use blockchain-based employee ID system
The Korea Internet & Security Agency, or KISA, is the first public entity of South Korea to implement a blockchain-powered
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Singapore Exchange uses blockchain to issue $300m digital bond
As officially announced on Sept. 1, SGX deployed its digital asset issuance platform to conduct a 400 million Singapore dollar ($294 million)
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Vienna and Singapore stock exchanges embrace Bitcoin and Ethereum
The Vienna Stock Exchange, or Wiener Börse, has become just the third “official regulated market” worldwide to list a Bitcoin
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This South Korean film festival will be powered by blockchain technology
An upcoming film festival, hosted by the Gyeonggi Film School, will be held from September 25 to October 4. Recently,
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