Finally! A way to make Passive Income of 7-20% from Cryptos without taking any unnecessary risks!

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are one of the newest innovations on the internet. Over the past few years, many people have speculated on these tokens to great reward, some to significant losses.

Those who have bought (like me), in early to mid-2017, are now sitting on 3x gains even after the big bubble crash of Dec 2017.

However, others are not so lucky, many people who bought in late 2017 are now sitting on losses, holding their coins and not sure what to do with it.

Most people believe that this is the only way of making money is by buying and selling– but did you know there is a way you can make passive income on cryptocurrencies?

What if you could make passive income from the cryptocurrencies you are holding, and you’re looking at returns from 7% all the way to 25%?

In fact, this method of making money from cryptocurrencies is like buying dividend stocks – and it’s far more stable than buying cryptocurrencies themselves.


You might have heard about cryptocurrency mining before, where you need to buy these chunky machines like these.

These machines actually are very important in the blockchain ecosystem, because they validate the transactions in the blockchain with electrical power and in turn, make money off the transaction fees involved.

It’s like converting electricity power to cash!

Without these machines running 24/7 all across the globe, the blockchain will cease to work and be valuable.
For many people, this is an excellent way of making passive income. In fact, in China they have acres of space dedicated to Bitcoin mining!

In Singapore, however, this may not be the best idea. With high electricity costs and limited space, it’s not feasible to run mining farms like those we see in China.

One of my business associates chooses to run his farm in Johor Bahru, where the electricity is much cheaper.

For the rest of us, this is an expensive endeavour. A single mining rig costs around $5,000 and that’s not including the steady stream of electricity that you need to keep it going.

Thankfully, with this new innovation in crypto mining, you don’t even have to do all that to start making passive income.

This is an expensive and arduous endeavour. You have to buy mining rigs, graphics cards and have a steady stream of electricity to keep it going.

Yet, innovations in the Crypto space have allowed people like you and me to make passive income from cryptocurrencies without doing any of the above.
It’s called…


While Proof of Work mining requires you to buy the mining machines and use a lot of electricity power, Proof of Stake is far more accessible to ordinary people like you and me.

Proof of Stake simply allows you to earn more coins just by owning the coins themselves, much like a dividend stock.
The best thing is that it’s all software, meaning you don’t have to buy any rigs or machines to make it work. It’s also much more environmentally friendly, without having to tap on electricity power.

And it’s a way for all of us to passively make money from cryptos at an interest far higher than fixed deposits, saving plans or bonds.

While most of these traditional instruments do about 1 – 6%, the right Proof-of-Stake tokens can generate you returns anywhere between 7 – 25%.

Sounds impossible? It’s what I thought when I first did it, until I finally made my returns off my Proof of Stake coins!

So now, I want to teach more people about it, and hence I’ve come up with this program: CryptoKnight Castle Series.


The CryptoKnight Castle Series is a 2-evening program designed as a done-for-you passive income system.

Here’s what you will get:
• An understanding of what Proof-of-Stake is, and how you can profit from it.

• Identifying and purchasing the top Proof-of-Stake coins in the market right now so you can avoid all the scams and pitfalls that so many people fall for.

• A done-for-you system – so you can walk out of the class already making passive income immediately.

You will walk out of class with everything set up and ready to go. After that, all you have to do is sit back, login to your accounts and see your tokens grow in quantity. We’re going to do it for you – so you don’t need to have any coding or IT knowledge to set things up.

One of the hardest things to do is to pick out the right coins.
Many people have already been scammed because they merely believed salespeople who pushed their currencies regularly or with a charismatic personality.

In fact, I would go as far to say that 95% of all cryptos are going to be worthless in a few years.

A lot of research needs to be done to find the right coins.

That’s what I did when I first started in this journey – I didn’t listen to the hype. I did my research and came up with my own conclusions.
In this class, I’ll be sharing with you about the top proof of stake coins that you should consider investing in as well, so you can diversify your portfolio and make even more money.


Let’s be conservative here:

Let’s assume you put in $20,000 into one of the recommended investments, and you’re getting 15% a year. You’ll be $3,000 a year in passive income. I think that’s rather impressive, considering you’re not even actively managing the investment.

Of course, the hard part that stops most people is that there’s some coding required. That’s why this method is not so easily used by everyone. However, I’ve found some people that will be setting everything up for you.

To do so, there’s only a one-time fee of $800.

To put it in perspective, you’re likely to be charged more if you were buying an investment from the bank. And you’re likely to make back everything in a few months!

And once you get it going, there’s no additional charge. It just keeps going and going for as long as you wish to leave it in there.
I want to do this training and set-up because I know there are many people like you who are looking for alternatives in a world of low-interest and limited options.

Castle Series Coin Staking Program

Strategies to profit from the future of money

Date & Time:

Thurs 29 Nov 2018

7:30 PM – 10:00 PM Singapore


Singapore Shopping Center #02-20A

190 Clemenceau Avenue 239924


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