In 2008, a man with the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto submitted the white paper for a code that could potentially change the world.

There have been many innovations in the past decade, moving at a faster pace than at any time in history; innovations that improve the way we do life, work and business.

However, this innovation that Satoshi created was unlike any other.
This wouldn’t just change or improve one aspect but would permeate through everything that we do.

Satoshi would create the code that would potentially overthrow MONEY itself.

Yes, the money in our hands, in our wallets, could potentially be replaced by code. Code running on a computer, wallets stored on hard drives, and payment systems did entirely cashless. Above all, it would have no governing authority. No one would decide its supply, nor irresponsibly print it.

It would be governed by its users and by mathematics. It would be a trustless system.
It was the first true digital money: Bitcoin.


The implications are huge.

It’s one thing to replace an old company with a new innovation, but it’s entirely another to potentially replace money itself. After all, money is the middle of any capitalistic society and represents our desire to exchange value with one another freely.

The creation of currency, however, today lies in the realm of governments.
If a government no longer has the power to control its money, it means that they cannot print it whenever they need it. It means they have to use money responsibly like everyone else. It means governments may lose their sovereignty over their people.

Now this, of course, will not sit well with most national leaders. The idea of losing control over one’s country is certainly not a prospect that they’ll entertain.

For private companies, however, one of the most interesting things an innovation like Bitcoin wasn’t the money itself, but the technology behind it known as blockchain.

In Bitcoin, blockchain had the potential to disrupt money. But many others found innovative uses for it including security, banking, shipping and logistics, production and more.

With blockchain, it looks like many antiquated methods of doing business are heading out the door.
Of course, as if any new innovation, it would take time for the paradigm of people to be shifted. There would always be the early adopters, the early majority, the late majority and finally the laggards.


Are you future-ready?

Is your company positioned for the future?

Are you prepared for what blockchain and Bitcoin might disrupt in your industry?

As with any new innovation, as history shows, most people will be slow to adopt, but those who recognise the trends early prepared themselves were the ones who profited the most.

If you’re ready, you’ll likely be the first few to profit – if you’re left in the wake, you might be one of the companies that struggle to survive, eventually.


Looking for a 60-min or 90-min TED-style talk for crypto?

Chris is your guy to do it.

Chris has been researching blockchain for years now. He has invested in several cryptocurrencies and spent 7-8 hours a day learning about the inner workings and latest developments in the blockchain space.

Previously an investment banker, Chris found his passion for blockchain and its innovations and decided to leave the banking industry to focus his energy on this future trend.

He always had the heart to educate people about it, and hence started CryptoTrader to educate people about the world of Blockchain.

Chris believes that the best way to guide anyone through this new and innovating space is to ‘teach them how to fish’ instead of ‘giving them a fish’.

That’s why, until today, he has already spoken to thousands of people and has a loyal following on Facebook with 3,000 likes and over 124 people giving him an aggregated 4.8 Rating.

In this TED-style talk, Chris will open up the eyes of people who have never been exposed to the world of the blockchain.
He will cover:
• The history of Bitcoin and Blockchain
• How Bitcoin and Blockchain is changing the world today
• Interesting developments and why it matters
• How you can position yourself or your company for the future
If you would like to engage Chris to give to the keynote speech, please contact us here, and we will get back to you shortly.

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