There are many predictions as to how the Bitcoin price will behave next; but in almost all cases, analysts agree on one thing – it will not stay the same for long.

While it is still unknown if Bitcoin will take a higher wave or plunge deeper into the lows, crypto pundit Cole Petersen has every reason to believe that BTC is on the brink of seeing better times.

Crypto investors are moving their BTC away from centralized exchanges at a rapid pace. The tendency of investors to flee away from public exchanges is a clear indicator of high confidence in long-term progression. By moving away from exchange wallets, they are placing their preference in favor of HODLing in a secure offline cold storage.

Bitcoin’s hash rate is booming and recently hit an all-time high of 126 million TH/s. This is not expected to falter any time soon, especially as more countries are becoming increasingly interested in crypto mining farms.

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